How to Prevent Wrinkles at an Early Age

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Prevent Wrinkles at an Early AgeOne of the greatest gifts of life is the stage when you are the tip of youthfulness.   Youthfulness means you have the greatest assets in physical, mental, emotional and different aspects of life.   Youth is the age of life where everything about you seems on the right track when it comes to beauty and skin.   It is also the time of your life that you should start taking care of your skin to prevent wrinkles when you are older.   Youthful glow can be preserve when you know how to prevent wrinkles at an early age or at a young age.   So what are the ways to stay young ?   How to prevent those creases and wrinkles to form?

Wrinkles are sign of aging.   These are fine lines being displayed on our forehead, around our eyes, on our face and on our skin.   It is totally different from stretch marks or acne scars.   It simply added years on your age and can really make you old so prevention is really needed while you’re still young.

Here are the Ways to Prevent Wrinkles at an Early Age / Young age :

  • Avoid the heat of the sun.  Use sunscreen with high SPF everyday after you wash your face but if you will be staying under sun the whole day, be sure to apply at least every after 3 hours. Direct heat of the sun produces UV rays and one factor for wrinkles.  It can also  damage your skin.
  • Live a healthy lifestyle. Don’t smoke. Don’t drink liquor. Get enough sleep. Exercise regularly, it means 30 minutes on a treadmill or just a simple walking can really help you reduce aging.  When you exercise your body produces more collagen and it is responsible for supple and young looking skin.  Eat healthy food that prevents wrinkles like beets, grapefruit, nuts, berries, broccoli, cloves, pecan and cinnamon- these food are rich in antioxidants. Drink enough water or at least eight glasses a day. Take food supplement such as Vitamin E and C.
  • Use skin products regularly.  Moisturizers and anti wrinkles creams are essential when you want to prevent crease.

These are simple steps that can prevent wrinkles naturally.   We should also remember that prevention is always better than cure.   So you can start doing these tips now or you regret later.


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