How to Prevent Wrinkles Around Eyes

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prevent wrinkles around eyesThe areas of the body that normally experience over exposure to the sun are prone to wrinkle formation and at times, these are hard to hide.  These include areas on the face such as under and above the eyes, eyelids, and around mouth.  And it’s no secret that the ultraviolet rays from the sun are among the major causes why wrinkles develop.  While there are many anti-wrinkle creams available in the market which promise to reduce fine lines seen on the face and only a few have lived up to their promise.  Nevertheless, prevention is still the best way on how to get rid of these creases and folds.  So, How can we prevent wrinkles around our eyes ?  Stick as we give you ways on how to do so.

Prevention Tips for Wrinkles Around Eyes

  • Protect your skin from the sun by putting on sun block creams when going out.
  • Always get plenty of sleep.
  • Take supplements and vitamins as well as consume a healthy diet consisting of fruits and vegetables.  Drinking plenty of fluids is also a must.
  • Always wear sunglasses.  This will help you prevent premature ageing of the skin as well as incidence of wrinkles.
  • Use an eye moisturizer on a regular basis.  Moisturizers made specifically for the eye area keep the skin hydrated and eliminate wrinkle formation.
  • Avoid scrunching your eyes as this leads to development of creases on the eye area.  Through repeated squinting of the eyes, the wrinkles will remain on the skin.
  • Help your skin maintain moisture levels by sleeping with a humidifier.
  • If you can’t help but use an anti-wrinkle cream, be certain that the product you will use is trusted and have been known to work well especially on the delicate areas like the eyes.
  • Be gentle when applying lotion and creams on your face.  Use your middle and ring fingers when applying creams and lotions to avoid putting pressure on the face.
  • Stop smoking.  Cigarette smoking speeds up the ageing process thus leading to formation of wrinkles not just on the eye area but as well as the entire skin.
  • Stay happy and remove any stressors.  These are among the great ways on how to prevent wrinkles not just around the eyes but as well as the entire skin.

Overcome the process of ageing by following some of our helpful tips on this article. Have a wrinkle-free disposition in life!  Good luck!


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