Jellyfish Sting Home Remedy

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home remedies for jellyfish stingYou may find them cute when you’re out on the beaches of your favorite resorts during vacation, but these free-swimming Jellyfish have powerful sting which can be embedded on the victim’s body.   Not all jellyfish sting can be fatal, but stings may cause anaphylaxis reaction, thus first aid must be performed once stung by these creatures.  We’ll give you some of the jellyfish sting remedy/ remedies to help you deal when the situation arises.  Read on.

Home Remedy for Jellyfish Sting

How to treat jellyfish sting revolves around deactivating the nematocysts or stingers and get rid of any tentacles/stingers stuck on the patient’s body part. Generally, the best remedy you can do is to seek a doctor’s attention to deal with the situation.  However, when no doctor is available at the moment, you can do the following in treating the sting:

To deactivate the nematocysts, among the home remedies is five percent acetic acid solution or white vinegar which can be preferably used.  However, meat tenderizer or baking soda can also aid in neutralizing stingers.  In cases where the above mentioned are unavailable, you can opt for saltwater instead. Rinse the affected area with fresh water.  There’s an old wives’ tale that once you get stung by these creatures, you should urinate or pee on the sting site since urine encourages the release of the venom caused by the creatures.  Some say the tale works while some disagree.  For your safety, just don’t try it all since your urine may be contaminated thus it can worsen the problem further.  The next thing to do is to remove the stingers. Have the person who’s going to remove them wear protective equipment such as gloves.  To do it, apply shaving lotion to the area and scrape the skin with a razor, or a knife.  You can also rub the sand over the site to remove them and rinse it off with salt water.

To soothe and cure any skin irritations and itch, treat them by taking in over the counter antihistamine medicine such as diphenhydramine.  Remember, to seek medical treatment immediately if symptoms become worse than rash and other skin irritations.  This is the article about jellyfish sting remedy. Hope this helps!


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