How to Treat Nearsightedness Naturally

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How to Treat Nearsightedness NaturallyYou may have heard of the terms nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia), astigmatism, and presbyopia, but do not actually know what those mean.  Well, those are just some of the eyesight problems that can occur in individuals especially in children.  However, we’ll only be dealing with myopia in this article.  In today’s post, we’ll give you tips on how to cure it, and how to treat nearsightedness naturally.  Continue reading on to know more about the condition.

Nearsightedness or medically known as myopia is a condition which occurs when the light entering the eyes are out of focus thus making far objects appear blurry.  Its cause is said to be linked to familial history. However, environmental factors can also predispose one to being myopic. Once the condition is severe or extreme, myopia can progress to a form of retinal degeneration.  Among its symptoms, the sufferer will experience seeing close up objects clearly, but distant objects are blurred.  The patient usually squints so as to see the objects in the distance clearly.  So, how do we go about treating myopia?  Here’s how.

How to Cure Nearsightedness Naturally

After undergoing an eye test like testing the acuity of vision, probably the doctor might tell you some options on how it can be treated.  For instance, we have the LASIK eye surgery that has become pretty much common nowadays.  Treatment also includes wearing eye glasses or contact lenses which will help you see things clearly, but artificially.  However, there are also some natural ways you can do alongside treatment on how you can correct your vision, and that is through some eye relaxation exercises.

A simple eye relaxation technique can start off with sitting and relaxing, and then rolling your eyes clockwise, then blink and roll them counter clockwise. This can be repeated up to five times.  You can also try to focus your eyes on a far away object (say, atleast 150 feet away) for a couple of seconds and then shifting your focus on a close up object.  Do this for atleast 4 repetitions.

These are just some of the simple exercises you can perform on how to treat nearsightedness naturally.  Do these exercises to boost your eye health. Finally, though some say that there isn’t any way you can prevent this from happening, it would still be better to avoid some practices like watching TV or reading books too closely to avoid straining your eyes.  Good luck!


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