How to Treat Food Poisoning at Home

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Treat Food Poisoning at HomeNone of us wants to be afflicted with a bout of food poisoning.  However, it can happen without a warning since you feel that the food is just perfectly fine.  This can happen in almost all places – restaurants, and even right at your home.  Food poisoning occurs when a person has ingested contaminated food which was prepared without hand washing, therefore bacteria is transferred to the food.  It resembles flu – like signs, but in rather severe cases, symptoms are vomiting, stomach distress, severe headache, diarrhea and fatigue.  There are some instances when poisoning is so severe because of some types of agents like salmonella, E. coli, and botulism which cause devastating condition in adults and the elderly, in young children, and the immunosuppressed.  Generally, medical treatment is needed during this scenario, but in cases where the symptoms are mild, and the duration only run for a few days, you can try to treat it at home.  Below are some of the ways and other information on how to treat food poisoning at home.

How to Cure Food Poisoning at Home

  1. Take a complete bed rest.  Allow your body to repair itself from the condition and remain in bed for a few days.
  2. Vomiting may cause dehydration which is why fluid replacement is a must during this time.  Drink a lot of fluids especially sports drink which contains natural electrolytes as a replacement for what you’ve lost.  Aside from keeping yourself hydrated, you can also take OTC meds designed to soothe the effects of food poisoning.  Antacids can also be taken to provide relief, however these can slow down the stomach’s recovery process naturally.
  3. Eat dry crackers or fresh bread instead of eating solid foods to calm the bouts of nausea.
  4. Try a natural cure like mixing fruit juice, a teaspoon of honey, and a pinch of salt to flush out the poison from your system and retain your electrolyte balance as well.
  5. Manage diarrhea with over-the-counter drugs which are proven to work for the condition.  Look for something that can restore the fluids in your digestive tract.  You can also drink herbal teas like chamomile, mint, or raspberry to help you alleviate cramping disorders.

This is how to treat food poisoning at home.  How long does food poisoning last, you might wonder. Well, there’s no need to fret as this course is usually just for a few days.  The last advice that you have to know which can be the best remedy in this case is by preventing food poisoning to happen in the first place.  Make sure that the foods are always covered against insects and other chemicals.  Cook meat thoroughly before serving them.  One shouldn’t also use the same chopping board for raw and cooked food as raw food is prone to salmonella agent.  Finally, always practice hand washing technique to avoid transfer of germs.


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