How to Treat Eye Irritation

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Treat Eye IrritationAs we go through our daily activities each day, there are instances where we can’t help our part of the body to be affected with any discomfort. Say, the eyes. Eye problems are very common and are always among the chief complaints by many. Eye problems may be due to a lot of reasons like bacterial or viral such as in the case of conjunctivitis or pink eye. An eye infection can also be caused by allergy as well as environmental factors including pollution, dander, dust, pollen, etc which can be found in the air. Usually, these are associated with eye pain, redness, itching, eyelid irritation, and many more. So, you’re faced with the situation and are looking for ways to treat eye infection?  if yes, then take a look at some of the tips and treatment guide we can give you to cure the problem.

How to Cure Eye Irritation

It has been stated over and over again that prevention is always better than cure. Therefore, avoiding the irritant which may cause irritation to the eyes is always the best thing to do. With this, remove any allergens such as dander, mold, and dust in your house and workplace to prevent the eyes from being irritated. Make sure that you change contacts as needed since these can be among the environmental factors that can cause the problem. Wearing sunglasses every time you go out is also a good way of preventing such allergies to enter the eyes.

However, if it’s too late for the prevention tips and you’ve been struck with the issue already, the best thing you can do to treat eye irritation is to opt for medications to get rid of the symptoms and any discomfort. Antihistamines, decongestants, and other over the counter eye drops are some of the choices for the condition. But be careful not to over use the OTC meds especially the eye drops since prolonged use may cause your eye to dry instead. In severe cases of irritation, prescription drugs may be sought from a medical professional for stronger meds that can help the problem.

Home remedies are always a part of treatment, and to name some of the few home remedies you can do, simply do the following:

  • Apply cool compress on the affected eye in case of allergy, and hot compress for sties.
  • Tea bags may also be put on the area of affectation since they’re known to have healing effects.

That’s it. Those are some of the tips you can do on to cure eye irritation. But remember that if it doesn’t get any better despite home remedies and fever develops; consult your doctor immediately to prevent any untoward conditions. Good luck!


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