How to Treat Epilepsy Naturally

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treat epilepsy naturallyEpilepsy is a condition affecting the central nervous system which is associated with seizure.  Generally, the cause why this condition happens is unknown like in the case of temporal lobe epilepsy, but it is usually linked to genetic predisposition.  There are actually several types of epilepsy and all of them have different causes, symptoms, and treatment.  But in general, this can also be brought about by a lot of triggers including – stress, anxiety, alcohol abuse, nutrition, and food allergies.  At times, epilepsy can also be underlying symptoms of illnesses such as in multiple sclerosis and cerebral palsy.  Some of the steps used to treat epilepsy are to undergo surgery and intake of medicines.  Yes, it can’t be denied that patients suffering from epilepsy should undergo treatment with a lot of commonly used drugs for such case.  But, medications always have side effects which can be harmful to the person, and that is the reason why many people still seek for ways on how to cure epilepsy naturally.  How do you treat epilepsy at home, you ponder? Here are some of the natural treatments that we hope could help you with your quest in reducing the severity of symptoms.  Learn more.

How to Treat Epilepsy Naturally

  • Nutrition.  Usually, symptoms of epilepsy occur as a result to insufficient nutrition with zinc, manganese, and magnesium.  Be sure that you are supplemented with these minerals and nutrients to reverse the problem.
  • Modify diet.  Consume a ketogenic diet which is high in fat, low in protein, and low in carbohydrates.  It is said that this diet can actually control the seizure and fits that a person experiences.  Moreover, this diet also normalizes the nerve conductivity, and the permeability of membrane.
  • Oxygen therapy.  Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a good way of treating the seizure activity.  During this therapy, the patients breathe pure oxygen with an elevated atmospheric pressure.
  • Go for organic herbal medicines.  The herbs should be free from any pesticides which can promote seizure activities more and interrupt the brain’s electrical activity.
  • Others have also said that patients suffering from the condition should avoid intake of artificial sweeteners.  Instead, they should take natural sugars as the risk of having epileptic session is increased with artificial sweeteners.
  • Eliminate stressors that may trigger the attack.  You can practice biofeedback, yoga classes, and acupuncture to help you with reducing stress on the body.

So, I guess these are some of the tips that can help you on how to cure epilepsy naturally.  Do not let this condition interfere with the quality of your life.  The tips given above don’t necessarily mean that you will substitute this with medical treatment, but they are also aid to provide relief from seizure attacks.  Good luck!


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