How to Treat Dry Skin Naturally

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Treat Dry Skin NaturallyHaving dry skin or xerosis is not only bothersome but it can also be a sign of an underlying disease.  If you notice that you have dry skin, you should do something about it.  You can easily notice it because of the patches and it is tight and painful.  Sometimes, it is even itchy.  I’m not saying that you have to see your doctor right away but at least do something to treat the skin problem because in most cases dry skin is caused by harsh soaps, misusing moisturizer, hot showers, and itchy clothing.

Causes of Dry Skin or Xerosis

  • Environmental factors like cold, humidity, sun exposure, excess make-up, pollution, and harsh soaps.
  • Vitamin deficiencies
  • diseases like dermatitis, eczema, and psoriasis.
  • Less supply of oil
  • Smoking
  • Drinking alcohol

Treatment of Dry Skin

  • Home remedies are always good.  You can try applying almond or olive oil every night.  Leave it overnight.  You can also use it to massage your body.  This is to supply oil needed to moisturize it.
  • Apply oil to wet skin after taking a bath to seal in moisture. Use oil that has Vitamins A, E, and D to restore lost moisture.  Try virgin coconut oil.  This is effective and fast especially if your dry skin is caused by winter.
  • Avoid harsh bath soaps.  Use organic soaps instead of using very harsh soaps.  Choose the ones that have a higher fat content than lye content. Avoid using harsh facial wash.
  • To protect your hands, use vinyl gloves when doing household chores like doing the laundry and washing the dishes.  For your feet, you can also apply petroleum jelly to hydrate the skin.
  • Include oily fish like salmon in your diet.  This will help nourish and hydrate it.
  • Dab the yolk of an egg on your face for 15 minutes.       It is safe to use it everyday.
  • Take a milk bath once a month.
  • Protect your skin from too much sun exposure.  Don’t stay long under the sun.
  • Massage your hands, legs, and body with grape seed oil.
  • Quit smoking and drinking alcohol should be avoided.
  • Increase your intake of veggies and fruits.

These are some of the useful tips on how to cure or treat dry skin.  I hope that this can help you.


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