How to Cure Dry Skin Naturally

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how to treat dry skinDry skin or Xerosis is a common problem to most people.  Some do not even bother to treat it at all. But for those who are conscious of having dry skin, then you need to find ways to treat it and get rid of it.  If you are on a tight budget and you don’t have money to buy medications, you can still cure it with natural remedies.  It won’t cost you much because most of the things that you are going to need are found in your kitchen.

Natural Remedies to Cure Dry Skin or Xerosis

  • Find in your kitchen a bottle of olive or almond oil.  Apply it every night before going to bed to moisturize your skin.  Leave it overnight.  It’s totally safe.
  • Bananas are also a great way to get rid and treat it.  Mash a ripe banana and apply it on your face and neck.  Wash it with lukewarm water after several minutes.
  • Apply Aloe Vera gel or coconut oil  after taking a bath.
  • Use organic bath soaps instead of the harsh commercialized soaps out in the market.  They are harmful to your skin.
  • Avoid staying too long under the sun.
  • Apply a mixture of milk and mustard on your face.  Let it stay for 20 minutes.  It also helps to treat.
  • Pour 4-5 drops of lavender oil or oat extract onto the bathtub before taking a bath.
  • Stop drinking alcohol and quit smoking if you are a smoker.  Smoking and drinking are one of the major causes of dry skin.
  • Have a healthy diet.  Include veggies, fruits and salmon on your diet.

There you go! It’s pretty easy, right?  Now, go to your kitchen and grab anything that can help you cure your dry skin.


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