How to Treat Boils at Home

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treat / cure boils Home remedyWhen you’re going to have boils can’t actually be known even when you say that you are hygienic.  Boils or medically known as furuncle is caused by the Staphylococcus bacteria. Basically, it starts as a localized infection on skin and is characterized by reddish, tender, pus-filled nodule.  Usually, boils are most likely to occur in parts of the body where sweat and friction are experienced including – the inner thigh, groin, under the arm, on face, and neck.  Once the boil becomes bigger, it will be called carbuncle.  Apparently, there are several types of boils such as cystic acne which commonly occurs among teens during their puberty, pilonidal cyst which is an abscess occurring after prolonged sitting, and folliculitis.

Boils give a person discomfort that’s why at the onset of boils; one should start taking immediate actions to prevent later problems. Simple boils and cysts can actually be treated using home remedies.  Read on as we give you tips on how to treat / cure boils at home naturally.

Home Remedies to Cure Boils Naturally

  • Take a hot bath preferably Epsom salt bath as this is proven to work best with boils.
  • Apply the juice of the onions and garlic directly on the boils to remove the pus.
  • You can also opt for application of ground cumin seeds mixed with honey, water, or boiled parsley water.
  • Another effective home remedy is the use of bitter gourd. Mixed its juice with 1 teaspoon of lime juice and sipped it on an empty stomach for a few days.
  • Drink a lot of fruit juices to help fight the bacterial infection.
  • Apply warm compress to the affected area to force the pus to promote easy drainage and increase circulation.
  • Keep the affected are clean and dry as keeping it moist might complicate the condition further.
  • Cover the boil with a clean bandage to protect the infected area.

While releasing the pus in the boil isn’t actually advised to be done at home, if it happened to burst be sure to keep the affected are always clean.  Also, one should seek medical treatment if she/he notices that the boils are showing no signs or delayed healing, or if it keeps getting worse.  Lastly, to prevent the onset of boils again, practicing proper hygiene plays a vital role to minimize the frequency of recurring boils.


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