How to Treat Blister Sunburn

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Treat Blister SunburnAmong the vulnerable consequences of swimming on the skin is getting blister sunburns.  Sunburn is even dubbed as vacation trouble as it often occurs when swimming outdoors. Though it usually happens during swimming, it can also occur when doing activities which caused you to have over exposure to the sun.  Sunburn causes the nerve endings and deeper layer of the skin to be affected.  Much more is that it can predispose you to skin cancer.  If you’re suffering from blister sunburn, then continue reading this post as we’ll give you tips on how to treat blister sunburn which will provide you a great relief.

How to Treat Blister Sunburn

  • The treatment of sunburn starts by preventing it to happen.  Be sure to apply sunscreen before going out or swimming.
  • Avoid further exposure to the sun until your condition is over.
  • Drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration.
  • Take a cool shower to provide relief from pain.
  • One way on how to get rid of blister sunburn is to apply aloe vera gel or apple cider vinegar as a cooling agent, but avoid using butter or oil to your sunburn.
  • Let the blisters heal by themselves. Do not peel the bump sunburn blister or scratch them off.
  • Take Vitamin E supplements to reduce itching. Also, Vitamin E will help in accelerating the healing process of the skin.
  • Make sure to wash the area everyday and keep it dry as always.
  • Another treatment is by applying a paste of yogurt in the affected area.

Those are just some tips on how to treat blister sunburn.  These can be done to provide relief to the affected area, and temporary measures which can be taken on how to cure your blister sunburn. Remember to seek medical attention if sunburn is accompanied with fever, nausea, and a great deal of pain.


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