How to Treat Baby Constipation

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How to Treat Baby ConstipationAnother concern of most parents regarding their precious ones is infant constipation.  It would be hard seeing your toddler cry out and suffer in pain while having bouts with bowel movements.  Constipation in children generally refers to the consistency rather than frequency.  For some newborn babies, passing stool for them is very easy, but when it is characterized with hard stools which seem difficult for the child to pass then your young one is constipated.  Though infant constipation may be normal since your precious one’s system isn’t used to the normal body functions yet, there are some measures you can help to provide relief for your baby.  Use some of the home remedies we’ll give you on how to treat baby constipation. Before that though, let’s tackle a little about what causes the  condition.

Common Causes of Infant Constipation are:

  • Introduction of solid foods.  Breastfed babies are more prone to this since their stomachs are more used to digesting breast milk as well as baby cereal rather than solid foods.
  • A diet low in fiber may also be among the causes
  • Foods such as bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast may aggravate constipation

How to Cure Baby Constipation

  • Water should be given from birth right after every feeding to help soften your baby’s bowels.
  • Other formulas should be tried because this may be a contributor as to why your young one is suffering from the condition.
  • An ounce of prune juice can also be added alongside water.  Prunes are high in fiber thus cure symptoms of your child’s constipation.
  • Cut back on the BRAT diet which is used as treatment for diarrhea. When these food products are overeaten, your little one is more likely to suffer from the condition.
  • When trying to introduce solid foods, include prunes, pears, apricots, peaches, plums, and peas as they are high in fiber so they relieve occurrence of the condition.
  • You can also try to massage your baby’s stomach through a circular motion.  This will help you baby feel comfortable and experience good bowel movement.
  • Bathing your baby in warm water would be highly beneficial as well as this aids in passing stools easier.
  • Exercises like bicycle legs allow your baby to provide relief from having excessive gas in the stomach.  You can do this alternately with tummy massage.
  • Other remedies include corn syrup as well as lactulose for infants. However, this should be asked to your local pediatrician prior to partaking to any of them.
  • Ask your pediatrician about treatment such as the use of suppositories which can stimulate and soften your baby’s stools.

These are some ways you can do on how to treat baby constipation.  Now your heart won’t be disheartened any longer due to the reason of constipation.  Have you had the same experience on your precious one?  How did you handle it?  Be sure to hit the comments section.  Thanks.


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