How to Treat ADHD without Medication

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treat adhd without medicationADHD is the acronym used to refer to Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.  The condition, which was also used to be termed as ADD, is commonly seen in children more than adults.  The usual symptoms seen accompanied by the disorder include inability to focus, difficulty concentrating, and easily distracted.  The exact causes why the situation occurs is still unidentified though there are studies and researches stating that it   is apparently because of neurological origin thus genetics and heredity are the reasons to blame.  Statistics says that more individuals are being diagnosed with the disorder everyday.  And though medicine takes a vital role in the treatment of the disorder, parents are still hoping that there are ways they can do on how to treat ADHD without medication.  So, are there really ways on how to cure the condition without taking drugs?  Find out the answers below.

How to Cure ADHD without Medication

Behavioral Therapy: Though there isn’t any pill available to treat the condition naturally, parents can also opt for one method which can be proven effective on how to treat ADHD without medication, and this is the behavioral therapy.  The therapy can also be called as psychosocial treatment, and this is also used in conjunction to work well in other conditions including OCD, Autism, and even in Bipolar disorder.  Behavioral therapy revolves around improving the patient’s behavior done by a certified therapist or a trainer.  This also involves the parents, teachers, as well as the other family members. In this therapy, the children is usually taught to help follow a routine, organize things, giving clear instructions to do tasks, adhering to the schedule strictly, and giving rewards.  Eliminating distractions is also practiced to help the child gain more focus.

Diet: The child’s diet can also make a difference in eliminating the symptoms of the disorder.  Parents should eliminate consumption of foods with MSG, artificial colors, and processed meat.  Caffeine shouldn’t be given to the child as well as it can stimulate the brain.  Opt for milk instead.  Omega 3 fatty acids should be given to the child as well.

These are some of the things that you can do on how to treat ADHD without medication. Since medication can’t be eliminated in some cases, it would be better to consult your doctor about the idea of treating the condition naturally.  Good luck!


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