How to Remove Nervousness

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remove nervousnessAt some point in our lives, all of us have experienced being nervous in a certain situation.  Some situations like public speaking, dating with girls or boys you like, presentation in front of clients, in a job interview, or maybe when performing or while speaking in front of a crowd. Though you are aware that you’re looking your best and had everything well-prepared, you can help but be restless, perspire a lot, knees wobble, and your mind just can’t concentrate.  Moreover, it would be very hard to catch the attention of your audience when presenting if they can see that you are too shaky, right? Nervousness is a normal reaction, but knowing how to remove nervousness can make a profound difference when in circumstances under stress.  So, how do we overcome nervousness?

How to Remove Nervousness

Generally, a feeling of nervousness or mild anxiety before an event isn’t a bad thing as it even increases one’s alertness.  It only becomes bothersome when it has progressed to nervous breakdown and panic attacks where a person tends to perform negatively.  In cases like these, there are some measures you can take on how to get rid of nervousness.  Here’s how:

  • Practice deep breathing exercises.  These can be very helpful to calm the nerves.  Breathe in slowly and deeply and hold it for a few seconds and then release your breath slowly.
  • Be prepared.  Make sure that you allot time to study for your upcoming presentation.  If you’re going to have an interview, think about their probable questions.
  • Practice.  Before you step up the stage, make sure that you’ve practiced enough so that you’d be more confident not to commit any mistakes. Let go of your shyness and be confident and brave.
  • Stop thinking about what other people will say.  Oftentimes, you care too much about other people and what they are going to think of you. Just continue doing your thing and care less about them.
  • Focus on positive thoughts. Do not allow negative thoughts to overpower you if you do not want to ruin your presentation.
  • Take a deep breath and slow down your speech.
  • Stay at the present moment.  Be aware of what is happening to you at the present.

Controlling your nervousness should be dealt properly so that you will not be left feeling out of control. So step out and get rid of felling nervous by appearing confident when expanding your comfort zone.  Good luck!


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