How to Pull Loose Tooth

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pulling the loose toothAll of us have experienced having loose baby teeth before.   This can be irritating especially at times when it gets in the way whenever we eat, but the very first loose tooth for kid can become very exciting as well.   I remember how my father used to pull it with a string in order to remove the tooth.  Also, I had an experience when I had a loose tooth and I fought with my brother and he knocked me on the chin.  I suddenly realized that the tooth was removed. Oh well.

Okay, generally, pulling out a tooth should be done by dentists.  But in cases when it is the child’s first loose tooth and it ready to fall out, then you can try to help your child pull it out without hurting or causing gum and teeth injury.  How to pull it out ?, you ask?  Here’s how to handle it the easiest way:

How to Pull Loose Tooth

  1. Let your child wash his hands thoroughly before he attempts getting out the teeth.  If you are going to assist him, wash your hands, too.
  2. With the thumb finger, wiggle the loose tooth side-by-side.  Repeat doing this until such time when it is ready to fall off.
  3. Try to pull it now in an upward manner.  And if hasn’t moved a bit, repeat doing step number 2.
  4. Another way on how to take it is to let the child eat a hard food such as chocolate or apple.  Doing so may help it come out without noticing it.
  5. Attempt to pull it upward again.  Once it has come out, put a pressure on the bleeding gums with a clean cloth or gauze.

Once you’ve successfully extracted the tooth, check if there are any missing parts.  Also, in cases when the bleeding doesn’t tend to stop, seek medical treatment immediately.


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