How to Prevent Tuberculosis

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how to prevent tuberculosisTuberculosis is a highly infectious disease alongside pneumonia, emphysema, and other respiratory tract illnesses.  This disease, which is otherwise known as TB, can be passed on from one person to another via airborne or droplet transmission.  When an infected person coughs, sneezes, or speaks, the droplets that they release tend to evaporate quickly with the bacteria continuing to be airborne.  How to prevent tuberculosis, you ask.  Well, this article will highlight some tips and ways regarding prevention of getting active tuberculosis as well as preventing its spread.  Let’s start.

How to Prevent Tuberculosis

  • It is particularly important to isolate a person who is a TB sufferer and treat them effectively until their chances of spreading the disease become insignificant.
  • Avoid spending long periods of time in enclosed and crowded spaces with anyone who has an active TB.
  • Stop standing too close to a person who coughs.  You never can tell if you’re exposed to the bacteria, however doing so will reduce your risk of getting infected.
  • Protect yourself by using protective measures such as face masks.
  • Wash your hands periodically with an antibacterial soap when in contact with patients with TB.
  • Eat well and have a balanced diet.
  • If you are living with someone who has active tuberculosis, encourage the person to undergo treatment instructions.  Also, you should take additional caution by taking supplements and antibiotics to keep your immune system strong.
  • Try to have an annual TB tuberculin test.  Or seek medical help immediately if you experience any of the symptoms of this condition.
  • Have children be vaccinated with BCG vaccine to protect them against tuberculosis.

Prevention is better than cure.  It may sound a cliché, but you should work harder on staying healthy, exercising religiously, and eating well including vegetables and fruits to go about prevention of not just TB as well as any other diseases.  We hope that this article on how to prevent tuberculosis has helped you.


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