How to Prevent Acidity

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how to prevent acidityNormally, our stomach secretes acid which plays an important role during the digestive process.  It aids in the breakdown of food during the process. However, production of acid excessively may cause an imbalance to your system and thus may result to a condition known as acidity or acid reflux. Among its symptoms include a feeling of heartburn, and dyspepsia. At some point, others may have the feeling of nausea, light headedness, or headache.  If you have suffered from this condition, you know exactly how painful this one could be.  This can be very debilitating which is why one should learn how to prevent it before it actually sets in or if you have been suffering from it already, find out what steps you can do to provide relief from the condition.  Read on and learn more on how to prevent acidity.

Prevention Tips for Acidity

  1. Eating a healthy breakfast is the best way on how you prevent this since acidity occurs when one does not eat food for a long time.  Never ever skip breakfast.  You can also eat small frequent meals throughout the day.
  2. Avoid fatty foods and those with preservatives on them.  Limit intake of spicy food and avoid overeating.
  3. Cut down on alcoholic beverages and refrain from smoking. Limit drinking of carbonated drinks such as sodas.  It can cause stomach acidity.
  4. Wear loose fitting clothes as wearing tight-fitting garments can impede the digestion mechanism.
  5. Help your body to function properly by engaging into some exercises and other physical activities.
  6. Lose weight as overweight is among the factors that predispose you to experience heartburning sensation.
  7. Live a tension and stress-free life as they can induce occurrence of acidity.

Treatment of Acid Reflux

Though there are some home remedies which you can opt for when treating acidity, homeopathic remedy includes intake of medicine especially antacid which aids in neutralizing the acid in the stomach.  There are actually various homeopathy in treatments regarding the condition.  Some examples may be Maalox, Riopan, and Mylanta.  However, it is still better to go to the doctor and see for yourself what he thinks is the best way to treat you condition.


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