How to Prevent Indigestion

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how to prevent indigestionEating can be our best buddy when we are depressed and stress out.  Eating is so comforting that we indulge ourselves into it if a situation asks it.   However, too much of everything can bring danger into our lives.   Too much eating or binge eating can lead to indigestion. Indigestion during pregnancy is very common because while pregnant you tend to eat a lot of foods.   It is not only common to pregnant women but also in kids.   Indigestion is not really a disease but it is a general term for collection of symptoms of ulcer, along side with bloating, heart burn and acid reflux.   You can prevent this thing to happen and there are ways to cure indigestion through home remedies.  In this article I will teach you how to prevent indigestion and how to cure this naturally.

Here are Some Treatment / Remedies that you can Try to Reduce / Stop Indigestion

  • Ginger or chamomile tea.  This will help you sooth and calm your upset stomach.  Just sip this tea after meal or whenever you feel awful about your stomach.
  • Buttermilk and coriander juice.  This will give you an instant relief on your digestive system.
  • Cumin seeds and honey.  Brew or boil cumin seeds and add honey.  Drink the mixture whenever you feel any discomfort on your stomach.

Indigestion can be prevented.  Preventing this can help you keep or protect your digestive system from any discomfort.   Prevention is always best than cure so here are the ways to protect your system:

  • Exercise. This will promote good digestion.
  • Avoid eating too much greasy and spicy food.
  • Eat small frequent meals.
  • Enjoy your food by eating it slowly.
  • Avoid citrus food or carbonated/caffeinated drinks.
  • Munch on fibrous foods such as vegetables and fruits.
  • Relax and be stress free.

Next time you are tempted to eat a ton of food, think again.  Eat well and stay healthy!


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