How to Flush Gallstones

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flushing gallstonesThe organs in our body when left uncared for suffer from damages which might be hazardous to one’s health.  Predisposing factors including excessive alcohol consumption, fatty foods, unhealthy lifestyle, and exposure to toxins and chemicals are among the culprits which can pose threats in our bodies particularly – the gallbladder.  The risk of gallstone formation is extremely high when our biliary system experiences imbalance of substances including the cholesterol level.  Moreover, stones in the gallbladder can lead to other diseases including pancreatitis and cancer of the gallbladder.  Disease prevention such as modifying lifestyle can make profound differences in instances like these.  However, when you have failed to do them and gallstones have already accumulated in your organ, what are you going to do then?  Generally, the answer is through undergoing surgery to remove the stones.   But if you wish to know how to flush gallstones naturally, then try to follow the tips on how to renew your organ and drain out the stone on it.  Read on.

How to Flush Gallstones

  1. Before you begin the cleanse, drink two glasses of apple juice for 14 days.  Apples are noted to soften the gallstone thus allowing them to pass easily.
  2. On the day of the cleanse, do not take any medications and consume a non-fat breakfast and lunch.  Do not eat or drink after 2 o’clock.
  3. At 6PM, take ¾ cup of cold water with 1 tablespoon of Epsom salt mixed on it.  Repeat the ice cold Epsom salt drink at 8PM.
  4. At 10PM, Mix ½ cup of olive oil and half cup of orange juice and drink it in 5 minutes.
  5. Lie down on your right side to get the stone out of your bile duct.  Stay still for 20 minutes, then go to sleep.
  6. In the morning, take another Epsom salt drink.  After 2 hours, take the last dose of ice cold Epsom salt drink.
  7. You can start eating after 2 hours.  Consume regular diet but keep it light including fruit juices, salads, and steamed vegetables.
  8. Expect to have diarrhea in the next morning.  Stones will eventually “pass” out through defecation which are greenish in color and soft in consistency.

That is how to flush gallstones.  At times, it is necessary to do this process up to 6 cleanses, preferably once a month so that all the stone will be eventually irrigitated. With diet and healthy lifestyle tips, you’re on your way to having that renewed gallbladder.  Wish you all the best!


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