How to Determine the Sex of the Baby

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How to Determine the Sex of the BabyExpectant moms and dads can hardly wait to find out what the gender of their incoming infant is. Determining the sex of your child is actually among the challenges that most couples face during the period of pregnancy.

Apparently, there are a lot of ways on how to go about determining the gender of your newborn.  In fact, there are a lot of baby gender prediction kits widely available that promises to do the task.  In addition, there are those couples who stick with old wives tales for gender prediction of their babies.  But scientifically, a couple of procedures which are generally performed by medical professionals are actually more appealing on how to determine the sex of the baby.  Learn more about the gender of your unborn baby, learn how to tell if you have a male or a female baby by reading our post below.

How to Find Out the Sex of the Unborn Baby

Ultrasound. This one is actually the most popular method to identify the newborn’s sex which is done during the 18th and 26th week of pregnancy.  The procedure is done by running a hand-held device on your abdomen thus passing sound waves through your uterus and therefore creating an image of your infant.

Chorionic Villus Sampling (CVS). This is also another way on how to tell your fetus’ gender, but the method is usually done among pregnant women who are at risk for bearing a child with a genetic disorder.  Done on the 8th to 11th week of pregnancy, the procedure requires removal of sample of cells from your placenta which will then be analyzed for any abnormality as well as gender.  Though this is 99 percent accurate, this can be risky and can predispose an expecting mom to complications such as infection or premature labor.

Amniocentesis. This is yet another way to detect your baby’s gender. However, like the aforementioned, this is done to those women who are at risk for having a child with genetic or chromosomal disorders.  Amniocentesis is performed during the 9th and 18th week of gestation and is done by removing fluid from your uterus via a needle.  This helps to know the sex of your baby prior to giving birth as well as other statuses of your young one.  Just like CVS, it can be pretty much accurate, but the risk like miscarriage will always be present.

These are some of the scientific procedures noted to help you on how to determine the sex of the baby.  This task is usually your personal choice, but knowing what you’ll be expecting on the day of birth can help you choose baby names and prepare things for your little one as well.  Enjoy!


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