How to Cure Viral Pink Eye

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How to Cure Viral Pink EyePink eye or red eye or whatever you may want to call it is an infection of the eye which results to inflammation of the conjunctiva therefore resulting to pinkish or reddish film forms in the eye.  The condition is medically known as conjunctivitis and among its causes are viral infections, bacterial infections, and even eye allergies.  Though this is not neither life threatening nor serious yet very contagious, having to deal with this can be annoying and uncomfortable since your vision may be impaired.  Fortunately, there are some steps you can do using some home remedies on how to cure viral pink eye.  Follow the instructions below on how to go about treating viral conjunctivitis.

Among the symptoms of viral conjunctivitis are watery or itchy eyes. Oftentimes, the discharge is so frequent most especially upon awakening.  Its incubation period usually varies depending on its cause.  For bacterial pink eye, symptoms usually appears one to three days prior to transmission. As for the viral one, the symptoms occur approximately twelve to three days after transmission.  How long does pink eye last, you ask?  Usually it goes about 8 to 10 days before it actually disappears.

How to Treat Viral Pink Eye

While bacterial pink eye may be treated with antibiotics, viral ones cannot as there isn’t effective treatment for this one.  However, you may use some ointment that can provide comfort to your eyes.  In other instances, you may just have to wait for it to runs its course and associate some home remedies on how to cure viral pink eye such as:

  • Take a lot of rest and allow your body to recuperate.  Moreover, avoid contact with other people to prevent transmission of the eye infection.
  • One remedy is cold compress placed on the eyes may also help soothe the affected areas.
  • This may also be associated with fever and flulike symptoms so intake of paracetamol and other NSAIDs may be beneficial.
  • Observe other prevention tips like strict hygiene and no sharing of towels should also be practiced to avoid acquiring the illness.
  • Keeping your eyes always clean as well would be a great help if you don’t want profound infection to afflict you more.

Follow the advices above on how to cure viral pink eye in order for your eyes to be comfortable while it runs the course of conjunctivitis.  Good luck!


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