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head lice pictureIn my previous article, I have mentioned about dandruff home remedy using vinegar.   This time we will be talking about another hair problem which is cause by an ectoparasite head / hair lice.   Every person experiences this problem once in their lifetime.   It is characterized by itchy and crusty scalp.

Hair or head lice have three forms: nit, lymph and adult lice.   And all of these can really cause you so much trouble.   So how can you get rid of head lice the natural way?   Are there any home remedies that can be use to treat this problem?   Well, the good news is, there are home remedies that can be use to treat head lice the natural way.   And here are they:

  • Vinegar. In my previous post I have mentioned that vinegar has an active ingredient that can kill bacteria in the scalp. It can be use as treatment for dandruff and it can also be use to remove head lice. It is one of the natural cures that you can use.  Just simply wash your hair with vinegar.  It will kill the nits and lessen the itchiness in your scalp. You can also try to apply vinegar on your scalp before going to bed. Then use shower cap to avoid messing up your bed and pillows. Rinse in the morning.
  • Onion juice. It contains pungent sulfur that can kill head lice in your scalp.  Minced the onion and remove the juice from the onion itself then apply it on your scalp for about four hours. Shampoo your hair and rinse thoroughly.
  • Mayonnaise. It’s not only good for salad but it’s also good for removing these insects.  Wash your hair then squeeze out excess water.  Apply it on your scalp and hair. Let it stay overnight. Rinse it in the morning and use fine comb to remove dead head lice and nits.
  • Lemon juice. It’s not only known to whiten dark spots, but it is also known to cure dandruff and remove these insects.  Just apply the juice on your scalp before washing your hair. Let it stay for 30 minutes.

Remember, you can’t remove head lice with just one application of these home remedies. Repeat the treatment until your head lice and nits are totally gone.  You should also make sure to keep your hair clean.   Avoid using other people’s comb or personal belongings.   The key to prevent this is cleanliness. So keep your body clean and stay away from dirty environment.


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