First Aid for Deep Cuts

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first aid treatment for deep cutsA cut results when there is a break in the continuity of the tissues in the skin.  The injury can be medically termed as a laceration.  Normally, a cut varies depending on the injury to the skin which means it may be superficial or deep.  Laceration has actually a variety of causes including external forces as well as mishandling of sharp tools like knife and other cooking utensils, machineries, and other objects.  Treating superficial cuts may be a little easy, however when the injury has produced deep wounds (e.g. deep finger cuts) basic first aid treatment should be administered immediately since theses pose great dangers like excessive bleeding, infection, and shock to the sufferer.  Others say that bleeding on the other hand may ne beneficial because it already flushes out the germs and debris from the sharp tool that has cut you.  Nevertheless, bleeding has to be controlled.  So, how do you apply first aid for deep cuts? Read on to learn how to deal with it.

First Aid Treatment for Deep Cuts

Starting off, lacerations with mild to moderate bleeding can be treated by washing the wound with water and mild soap.  But for major wounds, one should not attempt to clean it.  Instead, first aid for deep cuts revolves around:

  1. Bleeding should be controlled through the use of a compress. This may be contraindicated though to eye injuries, head injuries, and to lacerations with embedded object on it.  The affected area can also be elevated above the heart level to stop bleeding.
  2. Apply bandages.  Generally, bandages help to keep the wound from infections, and provide support to the area.  Remember not to apply the bandage too tightly as it can impede the circulation.
  3. The first aid responder should care for shock.  In cases when the patient has become unconscious, CPR may be performed.
  4. Finally, medical treatment should be sought as possible.  The affected are may be stitched or tetanus toxoid injection may be given to prevent infection.

If you opted not to seek medical attention, and symptoms like delayed healing, discharge, and fever occurs, then it only means that infection has progressed so don’t hesitate to consult a physician.  This is how to apply first aid for deep cuts.  Hope this has helped.


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