Cataracts Symptoms and Treatment

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Cataracts Symptoms and TreatmentAs you age, you are actually predisposed to a couple of eye problems that can have an effect in your vision. Among them are macular degeneration, glaucoma, detached retina, astigmatism, and even diabetic retinopathy among individuals with diabetes.  Another vision disorder which commonly occurs among individuals is cataracts.  Cataract development causes the loss of clarity of the eyes’ lens thus degrading the quality of vision.  This affects more than 60 percent of people who are 60 years old and up.  Below are some facts about cataracts symptoms and treatment as well as its causes.  Make sure to read them completely.

Cataracts Causes

Although cataracts can occur during the younger years, congenital causes happen to be rare. Factors that are attributed to why this builds up in your eyes include smoking, diabetes, exposure to sensitive lights, use of certain eye medications, and aging.

Cataracts Symptoms and Treatment

A person suffering from cataracts often experiences foggy or blurry vision. Other symptoms manifested by this eye problem include:

  • Cloudy vision; halos around lights
  • Sensitivity to light and difficulty with glare
  • Less color vision
  • Frequent changes in prescription of eyeglasses
  • Double vision in the eye
  • Deteriorating vision

As for the treatment, after being nailed down with the diagnosis, your medical professional may tell you to undergo cataract surgery.  Surgery is the most common option on how to treat it since this can greatly affect your activities of daily living. Usually, surgery is very safe and poses fewer complications. Talk with your ophthalmologist about the treatment options on how to cure it.

Yes, surgery is the only way on how to treat cataracts.  Still, many people are wondering if there are home remedies they can perform on how to get rid of it.  Well, the answer is none, but there are home remedies you can do on how to prevent the onset of the condition such as:

  • Leading a healthy lifestyle.  Your diet should be rich in antioxidants including fruits and vegetables which can naturally clean your body and eliminate toxins.  Cut back on consumption of sugary foods.  This can cause elevation in blood sugar and predispose you to diabetes.
  • Take necessary supplements containing vitamins and minerals needed to prevent occurrence of the problem.
  • Smoking cessation can pose a great threat to having cataracts.  Getting rid of it completely doesn’t just free you from cataract development, but as well as other illnesses associated with smoking.

The eyes are generally one of the most important parts of the body that can help as go through daily activities easily.  Take care of your eyes by undergoing exams and tests to make sure that your eyes are in perfect condition.  This is cataracts symptoms and treatment.  We hope this has been of great help!


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