High Uric Acid Foods to Avoid

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High Uric Acid Foods to AvoidAn excessive level of uric acid in the blood or what is medically called as hyperuricemia is the main offender why gout exists.  Gout is a form of arthritis that occurs when a high level of uric acid is in the blood.  Usually, it manifests as pain in the joints of the feet.  Some of the symptoms of having high uric acid level include redness, swelling, tenderness and pain in the joints especially in the big toes at night as well as limitation of movement in the affected area.  This condition can also be very worrisome that’s why if you are prone to get gout, you should have knowledge on how to avoid high uric acid foods.

Diet is often associated to gout.  Do you want to know what high uric acid foods to avoid?  Read the list below to know the foods that cause high uric acid level.

High Uric Acid Foods to Avoid

Though severe dietary restriction isn’t necessary, patients should be encouraged to control consumption of the following during meals:

  • Purine-rich Foods. High amount of uric acid is found in purine foods. Some sources of purine include meat products like kidney, liver, heart, other internal organs, and other animal parts.
  • Alcohol. Alcohol disrupts the removal of uric acid. To avoid gout, avoid beer consumption and other alcoholic drinks.
  • Sea Salt. Sea salt should be ingested in moderation since this is still an essential mineral in the body. Instead replace sea salt with iodized salt.

Foods That Can be Eaten as a Part of the Low Uric Acid Diet

To come up with a low purine diet, eat foods rich in essential fatty acids including tuna, salmon, seeds, etc.  A patient can also eat foods with complex carbohydrates like pasta, cereals, fruits, and bread. But do not eat white flour products. One should also eat foods high in Vitamin C as well as low-fat dairy products. You should also drink a lot of water to flush out uric acid in your body.

Finally, a person with hyperuricemia is also encouraged to maintain normal body weight. Those are some of the tips we can give you to maintain your health to the optimal level as possible.


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