How to Become a Bakery Chef

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becoming a bakery chefWorking in a bakery can be fun but entails you to be patient, creative, and artistic.  These qualities should go hand in hand in the field of culinary arts and baking.  Why?  Patience will allow you to make your baked products perfect in taste and appearance.  You have to be artistic and creative to catch the attention or interest of clients.  Presentation also matters.  The taste of your cake, cookies, bread, and other food pastry products that you have is on the top of the things to consider but presentation has a bearing too.

Who is a Bakery Chef ?

A bakery chef is someone who is responsible for styling and shaping baked products.  He/ She is also responsible for making fillings, sauces, jellies, and creams.

How Can One Become a Bakery Chef ?

Before you become a bakery chef, what are the things that you need to know to have a successful career ?  Take a look at the following list:

  • You need a thorough or an extensive training in the art of baking. You may start as assistant to the chef. This will enhance your skills in baking.
  • Get a certificate from a pastry school. As much as possible get your certificate from a good school so you can be assured of a good quality of education.
  • Prepare yourself to work even late at night until early in the morning. You need to be done before the day starts.
  • Seek for an employment. Start as an apprentice to a prestigious restaurant or bakery.
  • Keep on enhancing what you know. Don’t get tired reading pastry books to get more ideas and recipes.
  • Familiarize yourself in the field. Make yourself busy with the things that you have to learn.

Becoming a pastry chef starts with being a bakery chef.  Love your work and you will be blessed a thousand fold.  Good luck!


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