Fashion Tips for Short Fat Women

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Fashion Tips for Short Fat WomenIn some circumstances, some fat and short women feel discriminated. Others feel upset about many things. There are things that they cannot do because of their body built. Their weight prevents them from being active and most of the time, their fashion style suffers. There are instances where in they cannot wear the clothes and accessories that they want simply because their stature won’t let them. Isn’t it frustrating? Well, it is. Height and weight are two factors that affect beauty and style.

Fashion Advice

If you worry about your clothing because you are fat, then take a look at the following tips and try to modify the way you dress up.

  • Wear clothes or dresses with vertical lines to slim you down. Avoid wearing ones with horizontal lines. They will make you look even fatter.
  • Wear dark colors like navy blue and black because they can create an illusion that you are slimmer than your actual size.
  • Avoid shirts and blouses with a lot of detailing and ruffling. Just wear simple tops with soft flowing fabrics.
  • Do not wear very tight tops because they can emphasize your flaws.
  • Dress head-to-toe in a single dark color. This can make you look slimmer.
  • Wear V-neck tops to make your bosoms appear smaller.
  • Choose Capri pants because they are slimming, particularly dark colors.
  • Wear high heels to lengthen the look of your legs.
  • Get the right hair. Consult your hairstylist for the right haircut.

Fat women have the right to wear trendy outfits. So, whatever designer clothing you see on magazines worn by taller and sexier women, you can wear them, too. Enjoy fashion trends without feeling discriminated or frustrated.


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