Tips when Selling a Car

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Tips when Selling a CarDo you want to turn your used car into cold cash and replace it with a better brand? Do you think you can manage to sell it on your own?  If you are not a business-oriented person, selling might be pretty difficult.  So here I am to give you techniques and tips that will guide you as you sell your car.

Car Selling Tips

  • The first thing that you need to do is to prepare your car’s appearance.  Clean it inside and out.  See to it that it’s tidy and presentable.  No buyer would dare to take a look at a dirty car.
  • Be honest in describing the condition of your car.  Be accurate in giving the problems, especially if there are serious problems to avoid putting the buyer in danger.
  • Repair minor scratches or paintwork damage or simple mechanical problems if you can.
  • Set a realistic price. You can check the prices of similar cars online or in magazines.  Selling your car will be easier if the price is reasonable.
  • Don’t make reckless claims like “First to see will buy.” Do you think you can convince anyone?
  • Check the insurance if it covers the buyer test driving your automobile on the road.
  • Stick to facts that will catch the interest of potential buyers.  Accurate descriptions are needed. Include in your quotations the year or number plate and others.
  • Prepare all the paperwork like documents and history of your auto. Include receipts, MOT certificates, service records, and other relevant documents. Hand them over to the buyer.
  • Give a “Sold as seen, tried, and approved without guarantee” receipt.
  • Get the right price. It’s best to be paid in cash. If you are selling your car online, make sure to meet the buyer in a safe place.
  • Sell your car privately than asking the help of a dealer. You will need to provide a bill of sale.  Provide two copies of a written contract.
  • If you are selling a car with a lien, use escrow.

That’s it! I hope this post can help you find a good deal.


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