How to Remove Car Smell

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Remove Car SmellSmelly odor in your car can ruin the fun of driving.  It makes you feel bad and uncomfortable. Some odors may even cause you to feel dizzy and throw out. You just can’t avoid the fact that your car stinks.  Moreover, your passengers may not want to ride in your auto again even if it’s BMW.  What can you do to remove the bad odors like urine smell, smoke smell from your auto?

Ways to Remove Car Smell

  • Baking soda is a good deodorizer.  It has contents that can remove the smell of your car.  Open some boxes of baking soda and put them in your car.  Make sure that they won’t be scattered in there.  If you know the affected areas in your auto, you can also sprinkle baking soda over them.
  • Try to put 5 gallon bucket of unused clay kitty litter in your automobile and leave there for hours.  When you do this the windows of your car should be up so that the odor will be absorbed well.
  • Spray your favorite air freshener.  But before you do this, clean your auto thoroughly first.  Take out all trash in there.  Check under the seats.
  • Vacuum the rug and upholstery to make sure every dust is removed.
  • You can also use Lysol to get rid of mildew and mold smell.  Check the areas that are musty or moldy.  The presence of mold can also lead to smelly cars.
  • Clean the aircon vents with cotton swab that is dipped in window cleaner.
  • Put a car scent in your automobile.

If all the things mentioned above fail, seek the help of a professional cleaner to avoid spreading the virus in your car.   Take good care of your auto to have a safe drive on the road.


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