How to Use Opalescence Teeth Whitening

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How to Use Opalescence Teeth WhiteningNothing beats a person having a good set of pretty white teeth.  Most of the time, having white teeth tell something about how healthy one individual is. In addition, they can make you feel good about yourself thus making one boost his confidence level.  People have different ways on how to get that perfect white teeth.  Some rely on professional teeth whitening, bleaching, and other dental procedures which cost a hefty price which they don’t mind at all.  Others try their luck on whitening product which promises to give them whiter pearls.

With that said, we have Opalescence tooth whitening gel that has been making a name on the market which is noted to be useful in reversing discoloration. The product has actually been recommended by a lot of dentists. On that note, we’ll help you how to use Opalescence teeth whitening treatment to bring back that nice smile which can set everything straight. Here’s how.

Opalescence Teeth Whitening – Directions on How to Use

This customized tooth whitening agent consists of ingredients like fluoride and potassium nitrate which help reduce sensitivity, and best bleaching effects.  The products come in three categories, but in this post we’ll be dealing with the tres white Supreme.  Follow the instructions on its usage and application.

  1. Rinse the gel tray thoroughly before using it and allow it to dry completely before using.
  2. Now, align the tray over your teeth and gently suck it so that the tray will stick to your teeth.
  3. Remove the external part of the tray form the internal one.  Be careful enough not to pull them off together.
  4. Make sure that the tray is completely attached to your teeth by tapping it gently.
  5. Leave it on for 30 to 60 minutes.
  6. Carefully remove the tray from your mouth and rinse by brushing as needed.
  7. Continue doing this process for 5-10 days to see maximum results.

Voila, these are the directions on how to use Opalescence teeth whitening.  A lot have already been claiming about its 90 percent effectiveness alongside its affordable and entry level solution to stained teeth.  Bring back that perfect smile and have healthier crowns with this most suggested home remedy for having cleaner and whiter teeth.


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