Most Expensive Motorcycles in the World

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most expensive motorcycleMotorcycles are very appealing to the public, especially to men. We owe Sylvester Howard Roper the first motorcycles in the 1860s. He was an American who designed one of the first motorcycles. The motorcycle was displayed at fairs and circuses and then became quick means of transportation especially during the World Wars. Eventually, motorcycles were improved and became bigger and more powerful. Today, we even have customized motorcycles to meet your specifications.

But did you know the most expensive motorcycle in the world? According to a news article, the House of Thunder, custom bike builders, have built a motorcycle based on a stock Harley Rocker which comes with its own garage, a 45 meter transoceanic yacht which was built by Sunrise Yachts founded by German Harley-Davidson and Herbert Baurn. Its price is $22.66 million. That makes it the most expensive motorcycle. It features a foldable handlebar allowing the bike to be lifted in and out of parking position.

We have a list of other world’s most expensive motorcycles. They are the following:

Dodge Tomahawk V10 Superbike

  • It will cost you $555,000
  • It features an 8.3 liter engine (505 cubic inch) and the 10 cylinders can bring the bike to a maximum speed of 400 mph.
  • It’s not street legal in the USA.

Ecosse Titanium Series RR Limited Edition

  • It will cost you $275,000
  • It features a titanium chassis with clear coated carbon fiber bodywork and wheels, a fuel injected, intercooled, supercharged 2,150cc billet motor.
  • It is capable of over 200 hp.

Macchia Nera Concept Bike

  • It will cost you $201,000
  • It’s one of a kind but it is not produced for retail yet.

Icon Sheene

  • It will cost you $160,000
  • This was created by Andrew Morris in honor of legendary British Grand Prix motorcycle champion Barry Sheene.

There you go! If you are in the US, check if the bike is street legal before you even purchase one.


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