How to Travel when you’re Broke

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How to Travel when you're BrokeDo you want to travel but you are broke?  Hmmm.  How’s that?  Is it possible to travel when you’re broke?  How do you move without money?  How can you do it without money?  Traveling doesn’t always require you to spend your own money.  Yes! You can visit other places for free!

What do you do when you are broke?  Do you just sit in a corner and worry about tomorrow?  Learn some tips to get the chance to see the world for free.  Take a look at the following:

Traveling Tips when You’re Broke

  • Make many friends.  There are many ways to meet and gain new friends.  Go online and you’ll meet many people who could be added to your list of friends.  Generous friends can help you travel.  They can give you free plane tickets and if you are luckier, you can get a complete package deal.
  • Join organizations that could give you the chance to go to other places without spending a single cent from your pocket.  Some organizations send volunteers to different places and even abroad.  Besides traveling, you can also extend your help to the needy.
  • Be a writer.  Writers and journalists are travelers.  If you are a student, join your school paper if you have the passion to write.  You can be a feature writer, a sports writer, a copyreader, or a photojournalist.  Use your talent to see the world and experience different environments.
  • Look for raffle draws that offer trip as prizes.  Join them and take your chances. You never know your luck.  The raffle draw may make you fly.

See? You can reach your destinations even when you are broke and you can have fun on your vacation.


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