Best Vacation Spots in England

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For some, traveling or seeing beautiful and remarkable places seem to be their medicine. They find it a therapy. We are blessed with a rich and progressive world.  Nature never goes out of style, it is the art of God.  The world has a lot to offer and London is undeniably one of the places that we must be thankful of.  Maybe a lot of you plan for a visit to England or maybe Scotland.  There are a lot of interesting and must-see tourist spots in England that you can’t afford to miss.

Maybe at this point in time, you are looking for the best vacation spots, beaches for instance, vacation packages or even cruises to England already.  The thrill is in the find but I would love to share with you some of the best places and best destinations of the land that is known to be one of the great places in the world, a place that anyone would love to explore.

Stratford Upon Avon in England

Stratford Upon Avon in England

Here are Some of the Best Vacation Spots in England :

  1. Stratford upon Avon.  This town is very popular in England for it is known to be the birthplace of the famous and great writer, William Shakespeare. And of course, the main attractions are related to Shakespeare himself. One is the Hall’s Croft, the former home of Shakespeare’s daughter.  Another is the New Place, which belonged to the man before.  At the same time, Holy Trinity Church is also a tourist spot for a significant event to Shakespeare’s life happened here, his baptism.
  2. Nottingham.  This place in England is located in Nottinghamshire.  It is known to be the home of Sherwood Forest at the same time the legend of Robin Hood.  Everything in the city is worth visiting, the City of Caves the Nottingham Castle and the 500 acre Wollaton Park for instance.
  3. Big Ben.  A terrific place that everyone would love to see.  It is located north of Westminster Palace in one of the best cities in the world, London.  It is the moniker for the bell of the famous four- faced chiming clock.       For the information of many, the bell, not the clock which is called the Big Ben.
  4. Stonehenge.  Maybe people are very much curious on who built and the reasons why the Stonehenge in England was built. Well, nobody knows.  It is consist of big stones arranged in circles.  The monuments are found in Wiltshire County that is 3 km west of Amesbury.

Each moment of the year has its own beauty.  For beauty is the place never vanishes.  No doubt millions of people fly to England each year.  So why not plan yours too, and take a look at the best vacation spots in England.  Earn friends and maybe you would like to try home exchange too.  Have a nice flight!


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