Cool Facebook Chat Client – Chit Chat for Facebook

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Cool Facebook Chat Client – Chit Chat for FacebookDefinitely, Facebook chat has created an alternative avenue for interacting with your friends via instant messaging. Therefore, it isn’t any wonder why most users of messenger for Windows Live and Yahoo have chosen to use the Facebook Chat.

Many people have already a thing for Facebook Chat, but to make it more appealing, there have been a couple of third party messengers surfacing the digital communication to make chatting more fun. You may have heard of Pidgin or Digsby, but in this post, we’ll give you the cool Facebook Chat client – Chit Chat for Facebook. Learn more to find out.

Chit Chat for Facebook – What it is

The desktop application, Chit Chat for FB is another offering which you can download to improve your instant messaging experience. The chat software does not require web-browser such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox. It can be downloaded on your desktop thus allow you to format your IM easily by formatting texts, and adding emoticons and sound alerts.

Advantages of Chit Chat for Facebook

  • There isn’t any need to log in to your FB account on a web browser
  • Convenient to use minus the difficulties in chatting on Facebook itself
  • The interface is user friendly via tabs which make it easy to chat. You can even write to your FB friend’s wall despite not being logged in to your account on a browser.

Disadvantages of the Chat Software

Like many other reviews, if there is ever a disadvantage of the software, it is the method of downloading it on your PC thus letting it consume some space on your computer’s memory. In addition, many users also report getting an error about debug.

On a personal note, there may be disadvantages, but they are too little that the advantage of trying out a new app to enhance your IM communication surpasses them. but it all boils down to your own choice of whether giving the Chit Chat for Facebook a try.


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