How to Remove Sour Smell From Clothes

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How to Remove Sour Smell From ClothesThere are times when clothes like dresses, jeans, shirts, and even towels can have sour or foul smell most especially when you didn’t wash them properly. Drying them improperly can also contribute to bad smell.  Usually it turn out sour when they are overcrowded in the washing machine, left in the machine for too long after washing or left in the dryer without being totally dry.  This is really unpleasant because it destroys your fashion and you just don’t know how to remove this sour smell from your clothes.  But getting rid of this smell isn’t very complicated.  The solutions are just in your kitchen.

How to remove sour smell from clothes

Here are some ideas or tips to get rid of nasty odor from your clothes.

  • When washing using the machine, fill the machine to the highest water level to guarantee that there is enough water to circulate and dilute dirt any dirt and offensive smell.  The water temperature should be the hottest that the clothes can endure so you won’t damage the fabric.
  • Then add the detergent powder to the water. Follow the instruction on the recommended amount.  Add a cup of baking soda which is used as an odor neutralizer.  This will eliminate the odors on your laundry.
  • The next thing of course is put the clothes in the machine. White colors should be together.  It’s also better if you wash shirts first, then dresses, and lastly jeans.  It should only be half full with clothes to ensure that water solution can wash away the odors. If in case the clothes are extra sour smelling, stop the machine after the agitation and keep the clothes soaked for about 30 minutes. Soaking will ensure that the detergent and baking soda infuse the fibers thoroughly. Then let the clothes agitate for another wash cycle.
  • Let the water drain after the full cycle.  Fill the washer with rinse water and a cup of vinegar which is also a great fabric softener and an odor neutralizer. It can also rinse out any remaining detergent from the wash cycle.
  • Place the washed clothes into the dryer and use the hottest temperature that the clothes can withstand.  Remove them when drying is completely done and hang them.   Avoid leaving the clothes in a basket for a long period of time especially when they are still damp because this will give the clothes a sour smell again.

In removing sour milk smell in carpet, you will need a baking soda or vinegar. You will need to pour baking soda over the area and sprinkle cold water on top of it.  Leave it overnight and then use vacuum to remove it.  If this turns out to be ineffective try using white vinegar.  Let it sit for about 15 minutes then use paper towels to remove excess vinegar.

These are just simple but helpful tips to get rid of sour smell from your laundry.  I hope they are of help to you.


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