How to Build a Ferret House

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how to build a ferret houseTo secure your ferrets and be assured that they are safe is really hard to attain, but it helps a lot, it is necessary and even it is best if you build a cage for them. But this won’t be easy, you must consider some factors in order to keep it safe and comfortable for your ferrets. Here are some tips on how to build a ferret house:

  1. It is important to follow the recommended or the standard size for a wire ferret cage, it is 5ft long, 3ft wide and 2ft in height.
  2. Be sure to design your cage considering these things: ferret litter box filled with cat litter, food and water dishes, and enough space for your ferrets to feel comfortable in their own habitat. It is also best if you put toys in it, they are playful creatures and they would need them. Put those that they can’t chew off.
  3. Use a metal tray for your cage. It’s good if you use vinyl for its flooring making it soft and relaxing for the ferrets to stay. You have to make sure that you have created a door before anything else.
  4. Create a multi-level cage to maximize space. It seems amazing and really cool for your ferrets to live in. Make it the best so they would feel really at home. There should be ferret proofing plan that is right for your ferrets.
  5. Keep it clean. You can use recycled paper or wood pellets as its base to eliminate bad odor. They are good absorbents.  You must also know how to potty train your ferrets.
  6. Most importantly, you have to make sure that they are really safe. You have to secure all sharp edges, you can use duct tape or gaffer’s tape instead.

Here are just some tips on how to build a ferret house.  Building your own ferret’s finest cage is just one way of showing them that you care. Have fun!


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