Shigellosis Causes, Signs and Symptoms, and Treatment

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Shigellosis Causes, Signs and Symptoms, and TreatmentShigellosis is a disease of the digestive tract which generally involves the lining of the intestines. The condition can happen any time of the year, however, it is prevalent during the summer season and usually affects kids ages 2-4 years old.  Continue reading more about Shigellosis causes, signs and symptoms, and treatment.

Shigellosis Causes

The infection is usually caused by a group of bacteria referred to as Shigella. Each type of the bacteria is responsible for all the cases of the disease in any parts of the country. How does one become infected with it? Basically, this can happen when one:

  • Has direct contact with a person affected with the disease
  • Has eaten food items handled by a person infected with the bacteria
  • Has ingested contaminated water

Signs and Symptoms of Shigellosis

The infection can actually cause a wide range of symptoms such as:

  • Diarrhea (bloody stool)
  • Mild fever
  • Abdominal cramping
  • Nausea and vomiting

How to Treat Shigellosis

Although the disease usually runs its course thus it goes away on its own, there are some measures you can employ to help on how to cure the condition. Therefore, consider some of the options below.

  • Medication Treatment. The condition can be eliminated via antibiotic therapy which is usually given to reduce the length of the illness. Ciprofloxacin and Azithromycin are the most commonly used drug treatment for the condition. When the symptoms are severe and there is a great risk for dehydration, it may require hospitalization and intravenous therapy may be started.
  • Self-care measures and home remedies such as preventing dehydration may also be utilized. Replacement of lost electrolyte and fluids may be done by allowing one to sip fluids and solutions such as sports drink. Be careful that it has to be sipped rather than drinking it one shot since there is a risk for vomiting. Following the BRAT diet for kids may also be observed as another measure of providing relief.
  • Preventive measures such as washing the hands frequently and disposing soiled articles such as linen, beddings, and diapers may also contribute a lot as transmission prevention.

As always, when the symptoms seem s to worsen despite proper interventions, it might be necessary to visit your healthcare provider for proper treatment plan and avoid further complications and illnesses associated to it.


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