How To Naturally Whiten Teeth

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White Teeth Beautiful SmileWant to know the secret to naturally whiten yellow teeth?   The remedy that we’re talking about here will not cost you a penny.   Yes, it’s an inexpensive way to have those whiter teeth that you’ve been dreaming for.  No more hassle in making dental appointments and no more hassle in spending a lot.

Cheap Effective Home Remedies That You Can Try to Naturally Whiten Teeth Fast ?

  • Strawberry –   Surprised?   A lot of us don’t know that it has that content that can naturally whiten teeth.   All you have to do is mash the strawberry and mix with baking soda until they are evenly blended. Then apply the mixture  with a soft toothbrush and let the mixture stay there for 5 minutes then rinse thoroughly.
  • Baking soda –   This thing has so many uses and that includes teeth bleaching.   It can help remove stains from food and drinks that could really stain our teeth like wine, coffee, and tea.  Not only that, dentists have proven that it’s safe to use this as whitener and it works fast. Just simply use this as your toothpaste.  If you want to minimize the salty taste you can mix it with your usual toothpaste.
  • Peroxide – It is considered as the cheapest and one of the most popular  natural whitener.  Just brush as usual then swoosh hydrogen peroxide for a minute and rinse thoroughly. You can also use cotton, dip it in the solution then rub it off on your teeth.
  • Wood Ash – Weird as it seems but it can also whiten naturally.  It has potassium peroxide that act as bleaching agent that can scrub off the plague and leave it clean. Just like baking soda, you can use it as toothpaste or you may mix it on your usual toothpaste.

For more effective way to whiten teeth, you can combine any of these ingredients.   Just be sure you apply them once a week and rinse them thoroughly.


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