How to Lose Weight through Running

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How to Lose Weight through RunningIf you are looking for ways on how to lose body fat quickly, then look nowhere else as you can start your weight loss plan through running alone. Running to lose weight is no secret. We already know about it.  Running can let you lose 20 pounds. Yes, running is an excellent way among the many exercises to drop a few pounds and achieve your ideal body weight based on one’s BMI.  Moreover, it will strengthen your heart.  How to lose weight through running?  Just read as we’ll give you tips on losing weight through running.

Losing Weight through Running

  1. Of course like any exercises, it should be accompanied with healthy diet.  Avoid crash diets as possible as nutrition is very essential. Instead, consume small portions of high-fat and high-caloric foods. Eating whole grains, fruits, and vegetables are suggested, too.
  2. Set your schedule and make sure that you do running on a regular basis.  It would be better to do it everyday.  However, if your schedule does not permit, try to hit for atleast three to four times a week.
  3. Perform some stretching exercises before you start running or else you’d strain your leg muscles.
  4. Start running at a slow speed thus allowing your body to adjust to the routine.  Once you’ve warmed up, start jogging at a fast pace, yet slightly uncontrollable.
  5. Another way to lose weight effectively is to alternate the speed into your routine. Say, start off with a slow speed for two minutes and then change the speed to very fast for another two minutes and so on.  If you are running through a treadmill, this can be done easily by adjusting the settings of the machine.  Speed intervals works well as it helps in burning more calories over a short period of time.  You can also opt to incline the machine to further optimize fat burning.

Once you’ve started running, don’t be surprised that you may weigh slightly higher that your actual weight because this is just a result of building lean muscles caused by your routine.  You may also want to incorporate other routines to your running to get slim fast.  This is how to lose weight through running.  Remember that you’ve made a good choice starting this one so look forward to getting in shape.  Good luck


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