How to Live with Chronic Anxiety Disorder

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Live with Chronic Anxiety DisorderBeing anxious is an ordinary response of our body to tension and stress.  The problem arises though when the person starts to experience chronic anxiety and feeling tensed all the time even though there is really a little or nothing to be worried about.  If this is the case, then the individual might be suffering from a condition called chronic anxiety disorder or medically known as generalized anxiety disorder (GAD).  This problem is usually manifested by signs and symptoms including the following:

  • Restlessness
  • Feeling tensed all the time
  • Muscle tension
  • Nervous breakdown
  • Easy fatigability
  • Irritability and Mood swings
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Sweating
  • Hot flushes

Causes of the GAD are not known specifically, but triggers such as stress and trauma can be associated with it and can make the symptoms worse.  To suffer from this kind of illness is debilitating especially if it has already affected your activities of daily living. Moreover, many mental problems can follow after GAD such as phobia, panic, depression, paranoia, etc.  Maybe you have a family member or a child who is suffering from this one and you might have wondered how to live with chronic anxiety disorder? Here are some of the tips.

How to Live with Chronic Anxiety Disorder

Basically, the first step you have to do is to realize your symptoms.  If you feel that the way you react is a deviation from the norm, you can talk to a therapist about it.  Express your thoughts and worries and identify what could possibly cause your condition.

Avoid the triggers such as stress to prevent the symptoms from worsening. Ask help form your therapist regarding relaxation techniques, biofeedback, meditation, and a lot more to help handle the situations.  Exercises are very beneficial, too.

Try drug therapy.  Medication treatment is oftentimes prescribed to patients to treat GAD. Benzodiazepines, antidepressants, and other anti-anxiety drugs are recommended.  But this can only be done through the advice of your physician.

Finally, another way on how to live with chronic anxiety disorder is by looking for a support group to guide you with your quest.

All hope is not lost.  Although, this may be difficult, eventually it will help you lead a fulfilling life if you must persevere.  Good luck!


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suz Says:April 16th, 2011 at 4:38 am

i believe i am suffering from what you described. do you know of any local support group for this disorder? that will be a great help. cheers!

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