How to Lighten Dark Underarms

  posted by: Dennis Aguilar



how to lighten dark underarmsDo you feel frustrated embarrassed and even depressed for having dark underarms? As women, we would like to feel confident in wearing sleeveless clothes. The thing is, we really can’t do this if we do have dark armpits. Why do they get dark? Why do we see dark spots? This happens due to some reasons like shaving, the use of strong deodorants, excessive sweating, and infection, wearing tight blouses that irritate the skin, dead skin accumulation and even pregnancy. They play in the discoloration of the underarm. It’s good to know that there are ways to get rid and remedies to lighten up black underarms.

Let me unveil some tips. Avoid using deodorants, instead use lemon or calamansi slices. These are natural bleaches that lighten up skin. Rub into the dark underarm and let it dry. Do it twice a day. You also try to make a paste mixture, baking soda mixed with vinegar. Apply twice a day for a few days or longer. Use bleaching creams or you can also try glutathione soap. They’re everywhere, you can buy some at drugstores. They’ll help whiten up dark underarms.  Avoid too much shaving, remove hair by waxing, it is better for it helps remove the dead skin cells. Don’t let your underarm continue to get darker, instead make a move and follow the tips to make it even lighter, whiter.

If all else fails, consult an aesthetician, they know better on what procedures they have to do in order to lighten dark underarms. Good Luck!


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