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  posted by: Dennis Aguilar



Task Manager Enabler : Last week my computer was infected by a virus.   I think i got it from the software i downloaded from the internet and after i installed it, i noticed that it caused the task manager to disabled. I got an error like this ” Task Manager has been disabled by your Administrator “.

TaskManager Error

Of course to fix this problem you have to work on registry. So, i search in google about registry setting that will enable the task manager and i found one site but when i run “regedit” on run shortcut i found out that it had been disabled also by the virus, now i got an error like this ” Registry editing has been disabled by your Administrator “. So, i just search for a software that will enable the task manager. Fortunately, i found one software — the Task Manager Fix


And fixing the task manager is as easy as clicking ” Fix Task Manager ” button, and it’s done!. I found the software from this website www.taskmanagerfix.com.

You can download task manager enabler for free.


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2 Responses

admin Says:January 26th, 2010 at 11:55 am

This is really a nice application, even if the registry has not been disabled by the virus and you have chance to modify the registry, it will still take some time to enable the task manager compare to this freeware that you just have to need to click.

Nice Freeware Says:January 26th, 2010 at 9:50 am

very helpful, Most of the virus always disabled the task manager and when you press the CTRL + ALT + Del in the keyboard you will see the Task Manager has been disabled by your Administrator error. The annoying part is that when you scan your computer with antivirus, it can’t enable the task manager. Thank You for sharing this freeware, i tried it and its really easy to enable the task manager, just one click and voila !!!… Thanks

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