Most Expensive Watch for Women

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Louis Moinets Meteoris watch

Louis Moinet’s Meteoris costs $4,000,000

In my previous post I have mentioned about the most expensive shoes in the world and in this article we will tackle another world’s most expensive thing and that is the watch for women.   It is once again proven that it’s very expensive to become a woman but of course when we talk about the fashion and trends.

A wrist watch is something that we need to track our time and schedule.  We don’t need a costly watch to address that need and just be happy with inexpensive watch.   However, in the world where everything is made and invented, we endlessly want something to look good and hip.  So if you can afford it why not ?

It is a part of girl’s dream or even for men to wear some luxury watches made by Patek Philippe or Cartier and even Rolex.   The best piece of watch comes with a pretty price.   So what is the most expensive watch for women?

I have Here a List of Some Most Expensive Women’s Watch in 2010 :

  • Louis Moinet’s Meteoris – It is one of the most expensive watches that cost around $4,000,000. It is made from a meteorite from Mars and comes with a planetarium.
  • Tour de I’lle by Vacheron Constatin  – It is the most complicated watch and only produced seven timepieces in the world. It costs $1.5 million.
  • Sky Moon Tourbillon by Patek Philippe – It costs $1,091,869 for just a women’s watch.  It is the first double faced watch.
  • Secret watch by Chopard – It flaunts with pave-set diamond framed and a diamond dial.  There are only two Secret watches ever produced by this brand.  It costs $510,000
  • Swiss IWC’s Grande Compilation – It costs at around $220,567 to $318,000.

The prices may vary when actually bought.   The prices indicated here are just approximations.  You can ask the actual company cost if you are interested in purchasing one of these female’s watch.


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