How to Pack when Backpacking

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Pack when BackpackingWhen traveling to places, it is important to pack your things well. You need to organize your things and load them into your backpack or traveling bag properly so that you will be comfortable with it. This is the reason why you need to learn the art of packing up when backpacking. Examine the following tips and rules.

Here’s How to Pack when Backpacking

  • Choose the right bag.  Consider its size and weight.  It should be able to carry everything you need for your comfort and safety.  It should also have padded straps that go over the shoulders, across the chest and around hips.
  • Bring things that are smaller and lighter for your own convenience.
  • Distribute the weight of your things.  The trick is to put the heaviest things close to your back, centered between your shoulder blades.  Stuff your sleeping bag into the bottom of your pack’s main compartment.
  • For on-trail travel, put heavy things a bit higher inside your pack.  By doing this, more of the weight is put over your hips which are actually the best part of the body to carry a load.
  • Put related small items like utensils and kitchen items in color-coded stuff sacks so that you can find them easily.
  • Use a bottle with tight cap for any liquid that you’ll bring.
  • Utilize every space.  You can fill up everything with clothes or anything necessary.
  • Put the most important things like compass, GPS, map, sunglasses, first-aid kits, snacks, gear and others in a space where you could access them easily.
  • Take extra clothes and food items if you plan to stay in the wilderness for a few more days.

Hiking, camping, and backpacking require you to be alert all the time.  Bring with you tents to shelter you from rain.  Have a great adventure!


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