How to Keep Money Safe when Traveling

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Keep Money Safe when TravelingOne of the most important considerations when traveling is safety.  Traveling is not just for having fun.  You need to bear in mind that you are prone to dangers when you travel most especially when you have much cash with you. You will not enjoy your vacation once you lose something valuable particularly your money.  So what are some safety measures in order for you to make sure your money is safe when traveling ?

Below are some steps that you can take to keep money safe on vacation trips:

  • Do not keep your cash in one place.  For example, if you choose to put your cash on your pocket, distribute it to more than one pocket. Make sure it is well-kept inside.  You can also keep your cash in your socks or shoes.  I’ve tried doing this.
  • Don’t bring much cash on hand.  It’s better to use a credit card or ATM. Pay with your credit card because this will save you money on foreign travels.  Using these cards is a lot safer but you have to notify your bank that you’re going abroad to avoid problems.  Some banks deactivate your card if they detect that you’re withdrawing far from home.       Be careful with the international transaction charges, too.
  • Use a money belt.  Wearing a leg money belt is one of the safest ways to keep your cash.  You can put your dollar in there.  If you need to get something out, go to a private spot where you can do it.  Don’t let anyone see you taking out something from your clothes.
  • Do not put your wallet or travelers checks in your suitcase.  It is not a safe thing to do as it can be carried by hotel personnel.  You cannot just trust anyone.
  • Do not be very obvious that you are a tourist when you are in public places or when you are exchanging money for local currency.  Take precautions.
  • If you are in a hotel room, do not leave your cash and checks in a box.
  • Ask your friends effective and unusual ways on how to hide your cash.

Better take precautions than feel sorry in the end.  Don’t let thieves ruin your vacation or travel.  Secure your money.


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