How to Avoid Airline Baggage Fees

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Avoid Airline Baggage FeesBaggage is a part of traveling.  Wherever we go, we have it with us. Sometimes even the things that we don’t really need are in there.  This causes us to have excess baggage and of course we are charge for it and we have to pay an added fee at the airport.

In order to reduce our expenses in our flights, we have to be wise enough to learn the things that we can do to cut down our travel fees.  Follow these guidelines below:

  • Choose an airline that does not charge extra fees for checked baggage. There are airlines that charge for the first and second bag.
  • Pack light and smart.  Proper packing is needed.  It’s better to roll clothes instead of folding them.  Leave the things that you don’t really need.  You can use compression or space bags.  Once you’re done, weigh your packed luggage to make sure it doesn’t go over the airline’s weight limit.  Read the weight restrictions and regulations on the website of the airline to cut the costs.
  • Wear clothes and stuff that will take up too much space in your carry-on suitcase like sneakers, bulky shoes, and overcoat.
  • If you fly often, stick to one airline so you can attain premier or elite status.  Once you hit it, you won’t be charged checked baggage fees.
  • Sign up for a Delta American Express card.  This will make your fist bag free.
  • Choose the middle seat on the plane as it usually has the most under-seat space.

With these tips to avoid airline baggage fees, you can travel and visit places at a cheap price.  You can spend your money to more important things. Isn’t it cool? Enjoy your vacation!


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