What Type of Woman Does a Taurus Man like

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What Type of Woman Does a Taurus Man likeAre you in love with a Taurus man? Do you have desperate plans to make him fall for you? Or do you want to keep him forever?  Either of the two, I can help you with what you hope for. You will have some tips from this article and you will get answers to your question, “What type of woman does a Taurus man like?”

Taurus Man

He is one of the nicest males of the Zodiac and women tend to find him a most loveable character. His traditional traits include patient and reliable, warmhearted, persistent, loving, and placid.

So, What type of woman does a Taurus man like ?

When it comes to woman a Taurus man tends to have the following characteristics:

  • A Taurus man will not look for a girlfriend based purely on facial looks but a good curve may attract him.
  • He will be very happy to love and marry a woman from any class in life as long as she can satisfy his stomach with her skill in cooking and can run the house smoothly.
  • Do some tricks like embracing the flipside of his head or his neck if you have the chance to do. Keep your skin supple and silky and put on fabrics made of natural fabrics. If he likes you, he’ll try to feel you.
  • Don’t try to seduce him by making him jealous as this won’t work. He will reject you. Avoid talking about your ex-lovers.
  • He is generous even with material things but don’t be demanding because he can’t stand it.
  • He is very protective towards his love.
  • When he is with you make him feel that you are with him, too. Don’t think of anybody else.
  • He wants you to be patient because it takes time before he can make decisions.
  • What size of woman does he like? Well size is not really a big deal to him.

Taurus Love Compatibility

Cancer Compatibility: Taurus man can have a beautiful relationship with the cancer native because they have many things in common. When they are put together it will result to responsibility.

Gemini Compatibility: There is much talk with Gemini so a Taurus man can talk about many things. Gemini can be instrumental of money matters. Taurus and Gemini usually arrive at the right money decisions.

Aries Compatibility: Taurus can get attracted with Aries physically. Aries can be with you when you want to be alone.

Scorpio Compatibility:  Taurus is attracted to Scorpio people in a sense that opposites attract opposites. When these are together they tend to begin new projects. There’s a natural attraction and can lead to marriage.

What are you waiting for?  Get the man of your dreams!  Trap him with your beauty! Scream his name and say “I’m coming!’’ Go girl!


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