Tips on Dating a Coworker

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tips on dating a coworkerIs it really unhealthy to date a coworker?  What happens to your relationship if you see each other everyday of your life?  Generally, dating a coworker is not prohibited.  There are no rules that you cannot date your coworker although there are companies that do not really allow romance between the employees.  This can really affect your performance in the workplace. You might even lose your job if you insist having relationship with someone from your workplace.  However, if in case you cannot control your emotions and your heart just don’t stop beating for that someone, why don’t you give it a try?  Who knows?  It might be worth the try.  But then again be ready to face the consequences.  You cannot mix business with pleasures.

Tips when Dating a Coworker

Here are some techniques or strategies that you can employ when dating a co-worker or colleague.

  • The first thing that you need to do is to check the policy of your company.  What does it say about office romance?
  • Does your coworker have a crush on you?  How can you tell if a coworker is attracted to you?  How about you?  Are you really attracted to the person or you just want to take advantage of what the person feels for you?
  • Once you begin dating, make sure that you don’t only focus on the career topics that you have in common but talk about other things beyond your commonalities.  This is to test your compatibility.
  • Prepare yourself with a lot of gossip about you.  Some employees just can’t take this kind of relationship.  But you have the choice to be stoic and don’t mind them and focus your attention to your work.
  • Avoid PDA. It’s a taboo.  You know what I mean.  It’s very awkward and it’s not ethical.  Do it privately or when you’re outside your workplace.
  • When you experience problems, avoid bringing them to the office as much as possible.  You need to work together so you have to be civil.
  • If you belong to the same department, why don’t you consider moving to another?
  • As much as possible, avoid dating your boss or even flirting with him/her.  It’s pretty uncomfortable and unfair for your colleague. What happens when you broke up?  This is one of the FAQ when dating a boss.  You know pretty well that breaking up is a part of every relationship that does not work.
  • When asking the person out, don’t use too much pressure by using your power over the person.

Help yourself by following these instructions when dating a co-worker.  Use them as your guide to avoid complications and embarrassing situations.


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