How to Save Failing Relationship

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save failing relationshipWe have heard about many relationships that fall apart.  There are stories in every relationship that falls apart.  Some stories are common; others have unusual stories. But whatever stories are there behind every broken relationship, we should learn from them so that we will not experience the same mistakes.

We will talk about the steps that you can take to save a failing relationship. But first we need to know some common issues that cause a failing relationship.  These issues include the following:

  • Miscommunication
  • Schedules
  • Compatibility Issues
  • Pressure
  • Verbal Abuse
  • Money
  • Kids

How to Fix a Failing Relationship

  • First you have to assess it.  Is it worth saving?  Is it better if you just let it go and move on?  If it is worth saving, you can now move on to the next step.
  • Find the reason.  What exactly the problem is?  Why is it failing?  What went wrong?  Be objective as much as possible.  Do not try to put all the blame to your partner.  You will only worsen the situation.
  • Communicate with your partner effectively.  Find a perfect time to discuss the issues.  You have to deal with each issue one after the other.  Try not to fight while talking.  Remember you are doing this to save your relationship and not to create another conflict. For those who are into a long distance relationship, it’s pretty hard to talk about your problems.
  • Set a time so you can be together and reminisce your past sweet memories.  Don’t you miss them?  Are you ready to let go of those memories?
  • Break a monotonous routine.  Be creative enough to come up with something new to make your partner happy again if you’ve been neglecting him/ her.
  • Do simple but thoughtful things like giving roses, notes, cooking the favorite food of your partner, or anything that can change the mood of your partner.
  • In a marriage sexuality is important.  Have you been busy and neglecting to have time for intimacy?  Your spouse needs it.  It’s a basic need that you have to provide.  Being cold to your partner can cause your relationship to be unsuccessful.
  • Renew your love by doing the things that you used to enjoy together. Make your man or woman fall in love with you again.
  • Last but not the least, seek the help and guidance of the Lord.  He will use someone to give you pieces of advice to make your love relationship work.

If you love your partner and you value your relationship, don’t wait for your partner to do something.  It’s not about who is at fault but it’s about who has the courage to do something to save your failing relationship.


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