How to Make a Guy Jealous and Want you Back

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how to make guy jealousYour relationship with your boyfriend is over.  You broke up probably because of a simple misunderstanding.  Now, you feel that there’s still hope for you and that you can still patch things up.  The problem is that the guy seems not that interested to have you back again but a part of you says he still cares for you. One good weapon that you can use to win the battle is through jealousy. You can use this to your own advantage.  If you hit the right buttons you’ll win him back.

Your job now is to learn how to make a guy jealous and want you back. How do you make men jealous?  There are tricks that can make him notice you again.  There are steps that you should know to make him jealous and fall in love with you again.

How to Make a Guy Jealous

  • If you are really sure that he still has feelings for you, then it won’t be hard to make him jealous.  How can you tell if a guy likes you or has a crush on you?  There are signs and you just feel it.
  • Hang out with other guys.  Don’t show him that you are after him. Don’t beg.  The more you run after him, the more he runs away from you. Just leave him so he will have space and time to think things over. Let him feel envious.  Enjoy the company of his male friends.  Flirt with them. But do not overdo it. You cannot afford to lose him forever.
  • Be very busy.  Focus your attention to things that you enjoy doing. This will help you forget him for the meantime.  Make him feel that you are fascinated with other things like staying online, talking on the phone, texting, and others. If he asks questions, ignore.
  • Change yourself.  Catch his attention by showing that you have better looks now.  Go to the gym with his friends.  Be sporty.  Go to a salon. Have a makeover.  He’ll go crazy seeing you doing these things. You’ll make him want you more.
  • Don’t answer the phone.  If he calls you, ignore it.       If he reaches you through texting, don’t always reply his messages.  Pretend that you’re busy with something else or that you’re with someone.  He will wonder what you’re doing.  He’ll miss you even more.
  • Send him text quotes that are intriguing and will make him think and wonder.

Believe me, these are tricks that never fail.  Be mysterious and he’ll come right in front of you begging you to be his girl again.  When this happens, you’ll be a living proof that jealousy really works! Good luck!


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